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Leehom dating

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Jinglei had single eyelids in her old school portrait, sparking rumors that she may have received double eyelid surgery.When Jinglei was a young teenager, she often wore crop tops, intense makeup, and black nail polish.

Then this week the hellgates opened on what might be the most ridiculous revenge breakup in the history of entertainment dating – or those two guys seriously have a psychic connection in finding girlfriends.After Leehom Wang (王力宏) announced his marriage to Columbia University doctoral student, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), curiosity about the beauty spread.The couple got married in a small wedding on November 27 in New York, with only family and close friends in attendance.With my disinterest I had to play catch up understand why he was the hottest topic in the Chinese entertainment pages for the last few days.Leehom has been plagued with being gay rumors since his debut and those rumors turned to pretty serious evidence for the last two years that he was dating Chinese classical pianist Li Yun Di.When Leehom Wang uploaded photos of Jinglei, her old friends had trouble recognizing her new image.

It turns out that Jinglei has been photographed beside Leehom various times over the last decade, except the public was not aware of who she was at the time.

Coming from a rather wealthy background, she previously went to Dominican International School in Taipei before attending Columbia University in New York.

A decade ago, Jinglei did not hold the same elegance as seen in recent pictures.

Jinglei’s Beginnings as a Fan When they first met, Lee Jinglei was actually a huge fan of Leehom Wang – often tailing after him like a little sister.

In 2003, when Jinglei was 17 years old, the paparazzi already caught the two on what looked like a date, but to prevent rumors, Leehom openly declared that she was only a fan.

Leehom went first and posted a Weibo shocker – a picture of him with a girl he introduced as his girlfriend, a grad student at Columbia.