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Slots for the connecting cable are then sawed in the pavement to the adjacent pull box and blown clean and dry with compressed air.

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The electronics unit should then be calibrated following the manufacturer’s guidelines.The cables from the probe to the pull box are installed in the sawed slot.A 3/16- to 1/4-in (4.8- to 6.4-mm) wood paddle is used to seat the cable in the sawed slot.Holes for the probes are subsequently drilled through the roadway to the proper depth as defined in the construction plans.The general rule for the diameter of the hole is to use the diameter of the sensing probe plus 1/8-inch (3.2 mm).After securing the work zone with appropriate barricades, cones, etc., to divert traffic from the area, the first step is to layout and mark the detection area with spray paint or chalk markers to match the construction plans.

A magnetic field analyzer should be placed over each marked probe location to verify that the area is free of ferrous metal objects that would degrade performance as discussed in Chapter 4.

A volt–ohmmeter should be used to verify the series resistance (continuity) of the probe and cable.

This value should be the resistance of each probe (4 to 6 ohms per probe) plus the resistance of the cable.

In this test, the series resistance will be higher because of the added resistance of the lead-in cable.

An operational check should also be conducted at the controller cabinet.

Other agencies prefer to provide some type of housing (e.g., PVC conduit) for placing the probe, while others choose to secure the probe by tightly packing sand or using sealant around it.