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The show, which will be staged at Plummer Park in West Hollywood starting Friday, isn't technically a haunted house."It's an art installation of a haunted house," says Allyson Mitchell, one half of the art duo who created the piece.

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When asked by The Advocate magazine if she supported gay marriage, Christina said, "Yes.She dressed in men's clothing, her signature look was a tuxedo and top hat.She was very out about her sexual orientation and reputation as a 'bulldagger' or butch lesbian and she openly flirted with women in the audience.(Lisa Kannakko / ONE Archives Foundation) With Halloween fast approaching, it is the season of haunted everything — from haunted amusement parks to haunted mansions to haunted hayrides.Which means it's the perfect season for "Kill Joy's Kastle," the lesbian feminist haunted house created by a pair of artists from Toronto.She founded the famous Hull House Chicago, which revolutionized the field of social work.

She is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and was in several long term relationships with other women.

The project, which occupies the park's entire community center, features a singular marriage of high-minded gender and queer theory mixed in with zombies, witches, feminist latch-hook rugs and some very large sculptures of tampons.

The title of the installation is inspired by Sara Ahmed's 2010 book "The Promise of Happiness," which explores the stereotype of the "feminist killjoy.""We were also inspired by the concept of Christian hell houses," Mitchell says.

"But also by Christopher Guest movies." A pair of specially crafted boxing gloves labeled "Out" and "Rage" rest on the floor of one of the haunted house's rooms.

The installation addresses questions of inequity and homophobia while also joyfully lampooning gender studies jargon.

Also included are famous lesbians from history and some women who may be just under your radar.