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Make sure both of these are entered into the camera when you are entering the static IP address.If you miss this step your data will have nowhere to go. DNS Server Addresses There will normally be 2 of these in your camera (but not always).

You really want to ‘fix’ the IP address in the camera so that it never changes because when you configure the router you will point to the camera’s IP address.In this article I will explain just what that means and point out the things to consider when setting up your IP camera for remote Internet access. In the Local Area Network section I will discuss how to set up the camera in preparation for external access.In the Firewall section I will look at configuring your router to allow incoming traffic from the Internet and finally in the Wide Area Network section I discuss how you access your camera from another computer on the Internet.If this keeps changing then the rules in the router will break and not function.Remember that local IP addresses have to be unique for every device or you may find devices will clash and fail to communicate.DNS servers take the names we give websites and translate them to their source IP addresses.

It means we don’t have to remember lots of complicated numbers and can visit websites and networks by name instead of number.

You will be able to set a ‘static’ IP address in your camera.

Some cameras will use the word ‘static’ while other cameras will say something like ‘use this IP address’.

For example if we changed our camera on from port 80 to port 4440 we would have to use to connect to the camera, specifying the port number explicitly at the end of the IP address.

This is the same for accessing the camera externally.

For example the URL translates to it’s original IP: 2.147.