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To find out why Professional Page 2.0 is the expert’s choice, see your local Amiga dealer or call 1-800-GOLD- DSK. Mega-Midget Racer (csa) ......16 A flexible, one-size-fits-all 68030 accelerator board. 20 Effective solution to the single-serial-port dilemma. DAMOCLES (Novagen f Bethesda) .....90 Well-done, worthy sequel lo Mercenary: Escape from Targ. I won Id like to see A m iga- World use a backhoe to dig into the machine more deeply and add to the current magazine.

Wl=K Which one of the artistic tools pictured here would a child choose? The choice is just as easy when it comes to Amiga paint programs. Y N Y Number of Open Amiga expansion slots with hard disk drive and 8MB Fast memory installed. New Address: 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information, or tor nearest dealer, call today. Service with a Stamp The latest problem 1 have encountered with Commodore and the Amiga is the company’s lack of mail-order support.If so, will their sales personnel be able to answer technical questions? I have no incentive to spend extra money when 1 will receive no more service. 149.00 Module (2Meg) for 500 Harddrive 229.00 SCSI Controler. ..125.00 F-19 Stealth Rghter .38.00 Falcon ......33.89 Falcon Mission Disk 2 Firelight ......18.50 Gold Disk Type Fonts (Each) .....36.99 Harpoon ..43,99 Heart of the Dragon ......31.10 Immortal ..35.00 Indianapolis 500 34.99 Ishido .... [ H- hrfrf r JJ ar |- ¦ __Jhhssh Choose the IMPACT " A3001 Upgrade Kit from GVP to put the speed and power of leading-edge technology into your Amiga ™.In fact, many mail-order operations now offer excellent service agreements, technical- help hotlines, and other benefits. 689.00 Memory, Supro RAM 2000 2 Megs 209.00 Memory, Supra RAM 2000 4 Megs 289.00 Modem. 33.00 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf ...34.99 Perfect Sound 3.0 ... Enhance your productivity and create more powerful results when you choose these key features: • Factory installed 68030 CPU running at 28 Mhz.Digi-Paint 3 works in the Amiga’s powerful Hold-And-Modify (HAM) mode which allows you to paint using all 4096 colors simultaneously. 69.00 Bars & Pipes 165.00 Bars fit Pipes Multi-Media Kit .....37.99 Bars fit Pipes Music Box A or B ...37.99 Blitz BASIC ....106.00 Broadcast Titier .....229.00 Byte 'N Back ..41.93 Carthage ... 5 3 4 Allows user to start with low-cost A2000 Amiga system and grow all the way to 50Mhz 68030 performance without sacrificing anything. Y Y Y Fully implements 68030 Burst Mode up to 33Mhz. 1 prefer to purchase Amiga hardware by mail because my local Amiga dealer gives me nothing for my extra dollars.By comparison, Deluxe Paint III (by Electronic Arts) operates in less sophisticated modes, restricting you to a maximum of only 32 colors*. Simply put, the program with more colors makes the better pictures. 26.99 Chaos Strikes Back .24.99 Check Mate ..32.99 Christmas Clip Art ...19.99 Classic Board Games ....19.99 Cross DOS 4.0 24.99 ICD, Inc. Y N N IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Amiga, A2OC0 and A3000 are registered trademarks of Commodore*Amiga. The dealer’s stall knows very little about the Amiga and offers no extras, such as a loaner system during repair sessions or a software trial period.Y N N IMPACT and GVP are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Amiga, A2OC0 and A3000 are registered trademarks of Commodore*Amiga. The dealer’s stall knows very little about the Amiga and offers no extras, such as a loaner system during repair sessions or a software trial period. So why am 1 wasting your time bragging about our magazine?

(215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 lealcrs Cirde 36 on Reader Service Card Consumers Cirde 265 on Reader Service Card REPARTEE Comments, complaints, and concerns from Amiga Wo rid readers. 79.00 Maverick ..25.99 Mc Gee and Katy's Farm 24.99 Monday Night Football ..35.99 Music X Junior .... Swanson, Customer Sendee Representative; Advertising Assistant Ll SA La Fleur Business and Operations Administrator Ma RV Mc Co LE, Publisher's Assistant SUSAN M, HANSHAW, Circulation Director, 1-800-365-1364 PAM WILDER Circulation Manager LYNN Lag ASSE. De Tr AY, Director of Technology Research Ll NDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director DEBBIE Waij»H, Newsstand Promotion Manager WILLIAM M. Most important is the entire editorial staff of Amiga World, who shot down my worst ideas and helped develop better ones.

Professional Page is the best, and the best just got better. GOLD DISK Ask vour dealer how you can win a Sonv K Discman)U. ike the old woman who lived in a shoe, Lou has so many problems except lie does know what to do. , 23 Three digital-graphics tablets for Amiga rodentaphobes. 32.99 Wings ......36.69 Spotlight on Software Al OTcnk Killer ..28.99 AMOS (Game Creator) 59.99 Amiga Vision ..89.00 Progressive Peripherals Modem, Baud Bandf MNP ...125.00 W Baud Bandit Software 155.00 Frame Grcbber 535.00 W 2.0 Software .. w.wavava4£ Barney Boar Goes to Space .....22.00 Spotlight on Hardware Accelerator, Sapphire 6Q020 ...... Why split apart into two humdrum magazines instead improving what you have? Harrold Fern dale, Ca Ufa rn in Amiga World is not "splitting up" into tu'o magazines; we are adding a new one of a vety different nature.

ADVANCING THE ART OF DESKTOP PUBLISHING This document produced entirely with Professional Page 2.0 Gold Disk P. Box 789, Sireeisville Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5M 2C2 416 602-4000 Professional Page is a registered trademark of Gold Disk Inc. Circle 150 on Reader Service card Sullivan Bluth Presents CONTENTS A CASE IN Paint By Gene Brawn 26 Feature-by-feature comparisons of 13 Amiga paint programs with buyer’s- guide information and expert recommendations for beginners, experienced amateurs, and professionals alike. 40 A quick stop to chat with Amiga artist Sandra Filippucci, whose photograph was featured in last month’s “A Portrait of the Artist as a Small Business.” The Portrait “Process” By Joel Hagen ...41 This hands-on tutorial in portrait painting will teach you methods of image processing that can dramatically enhance the results of almost any kind of project. Schenck .47 Want hetter-quality printed output from your Amiga graphics? 53 Give your 2-D graphics a 3-D look with these simple tips on perspective, balance, shading, and color. Index to 1990 Amiga World Articles and Reviews ..122 From Animation to Zot ro III, if we covered it in ‘90, you’ll find it here. Data Link 2000 (Applied Engineering) .94 Multifaceted modem power for A2000 A3000 users. 299.00 Atonce 279.00 Auto Unk (Auto Digitizing Cable) .. Amiga World magazine will continue with the same coverage and emphases as before.

But that’s just one of the reasons Digi-Paint 3 is the ultimate paint program. For repairs, the dealer sends the Amigas to another location.

Other advanced features found in Digi-Paint 3: • 14 drawing modes including colorizing, range painting, and texture mapping • Powerful tools including: magnify, rotate, cut-and-paste, and variable transparency Digi-Paint 3 is a trademark ol New Tek, Inc. ‘In some modes an additional 32 hall-intensity shades are available. Does Commodore, with its policy of no mail-order sales, expect me to purchase my next Amiga at Sears or Toys- R-Us?

Instead of introducing another magazine, just add on. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.50 UK £2.50 An IDG Communications Publication W D O L GRAPHICS 13 Paint Programs Slide Making Tips; Super Print Quality From Screen Images Image Processing: Pro Techniques For Amateurs Add 3D Punch To Your 2D Images Plus! ) 28,33 or 50Mhz Oscillator 68882 FPU running at 28, 33 or 50Mtiz When you compare, the choice GVP is unbeatable for price am C0MPARE: A2000 GVP A3001 CBM A2500 30 CBM A3000™ 68030 CPU Y Y Y Maximum CPU Clock Speed available & shipping Today.