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By the time she graduated, she had already exhibited her work in some of the city's restaurants and its Jewish Community Center.

He unsuccessfully appealed the conviction in state court, alleging some of the evidence had been gathered in violation of his constitutional rights.Furthermore, Cyren reserves the right to reject reports, and disclaims all warranties, whether implied or otherwise, pertaining to the results generated from its Global View™ URL Filtering service, any review of reports of the results generated from its Global View URL Filtering service and any review of reports of misclassifications submitted to Cyren, and advises that classifications of URLs reflect an expression of opinion only.), a children's book illustrator in Forest Hills, Tennessee, United States, a suburb of Nashville, was reported missing to police by her husband and mother.It was widely assumed in the community that Tzipora had taken her own life; doctors later consulted by a Nashville journalist reporting on the case said that anaphylactic shock was similar enough to the effects of suicide by Darvon as to be a credible cover story and that in that era suicides at the decedent's residence were often officially described as accidents.The Marches moved to their vacation home at Michiana, Michigan.After telling prosecutors that he had helped Perry move Janet's body to Kentucky, he agreed to cooperate with them and testify against his son in exchange for a reduced sentence; however he was unable to recall exactly where he had disposed of the body and it has never been found.

Arthur's plea bargain was rejected and he died in federal custody shortly after beginning his sentence.

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She was never seen alive by anyone else afterwards.

Janet's car was found at a nearby apartment complex a week after the police report, apparently having been there for some time.

Those who knew him at Michigan recall him as having some "rough edges".