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In two of the videos, a group of hospital technicians have already succeeded in controlling a patient.Kistler waves them aside so that he can hold and restrain the patient himself.

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Kistler, the video shows, arrives on the scene, grabs the boy by the arms, and pulls him out of the hold of the staff members.The officers called for backup, and three more police cars pulled up to Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health, which primarily treats young people.A “code green” blared over the intercom system, alerting employees across the hospital to the violence.Oklahoma state regulations also require that these measures be used only after all other options have been exhausted.And when a patient requires restraint, mental health workers are often trained to work together in groups, in order to prevent flailing or kicking that might cause injuries.The Oklahoma state agency that monitors child abuse determined there have been 30 incidents of neglect or abuse at Shadow Mountain in the last three years.

Most of the staff members interviewed by Buzz Feed News asked for anonymity for fear of reprisal.

It’s where one of the company’s executives, Sharon Worsham, got her start, running the Oklahoma facility for years and grooming its current leader.

In an unusual arrangement, the hospital also pays rent for part of the land to a company that is registered to Worsham’s home address and managed by her husband, documents show.

Employees have told state regulators that Shadow Mountain was short-staffed, and some of them said that low staffing levels helped lead to the riot and contributed to a general climate of violence.

“The way a good day was judged was whether I got punched,” said one who worked there for two years.

For its head nurse, Shadow Mountain hired a person who had been disciplined three times by the state medical board, in one case for shooting up drugs while on duty in an intensive care unit.