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He has become one of the NFL's most influential owners, a billionaire, and he has done it by taking calculated risks. Chuck Knoll and Art Rooney won four Super Bowls between 19 after which they went to the playoffs six times in the next 16 years winning twice.Was Art Rooney always stupid or did he suddenly become stupid.

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Tom Landry, Tex Shramm, and Gil Brandt had run the Cowboys into the ground with three final seasons of 7-8, 7-9, and 3-13. Jerry Jones comes in and in his first six years as an owner his team wins three Super Bowls and goes to four NFC Title games.And with the draft less than a week away, Smith amazingly already is taking part in some football drills just 3 months after the surgery. Dan Cooper, who repaired the ACL in Smith's left knee, told USA Today that the biggest issue is the peroneal nerve.Because of the damage done to that nerve, Smith cannot raise or swing his left foot and needs to wear a special device on the foot while working out.The Willard Library offers three cams for your ghost hunting pleasure.The Children’s Room cam , Research Room cam , and the Basement Cam refresh every 20 seconds.When Berry was drafter there wasn%u2019t much to suggest that he could even play in the NFL, let alone be an elite wide receiver. One leg was a bit shorter than the other, so he had to wear padding inside one of his shoes.

His eyesight was so poor that he had to wear glasses even when he played, and a special cage was fitted inside his helmet to protect them.

He may very well be able to play part of the 2016 season. Because if Jaylon smith is it ( he sucks ) , his stats for 2016 - 0 tackles - 0 sacks - 0 pressures - 0 int's - 0 tips - 0 fumble recoveries , etc... How will this help Tony Romo take us to the promised land ?

(Listen) this is a joke, not only is Jaylon Smith not playing in 2016 , he won't be able to gain any ( NFL ) playing experience .

Why are you guys so negative about Jaylon when the Cowboys doctors and coaches seem to be fine with it and when talking to Jaylon sounded like he is on target for a complete recovery.

Not too mention I didn't hear him say that he wasn't coming back this coming season.

I don't understand the reluctance to actually help the defense by getting defensive players, and/or getting defensive players that aren't in rehab for the next two seasons.