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Major events pre dating 1750

The period from 1750 to 1914 was a pivotal moment in human history.

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Scientists use this term to describe a chemical process, but it is also a useful historical concept.The United States, Russia, and Japan also drew on these new capabilities to expand their own empires.All of the imperial states adopted elaborate racial justifications for dominance over other peoples.Finally, the era witnessed the rise of new colonial empires.Using new technologies of warfare and political control that came out of the Industrial Revolution, the empires of several European states greatly increased in size during this era.By 1860, the world produced about 130 million tons of coal.

In 1900, production rose to an astonishing 1 billion tons, and coal provided 90 percent of total world energy consumption. A second major source of environmental change was population growth.

Once autocatalytic processes got going, they tended to speed up.

Overall, global changes have become self-perpetuating and ever-accelerating.

Since about 1750, a steadily pyramiding sequence of changes has transformed human life.

Moreover, the dynamic interactions among changes in many different areaspolitical, economic, technological, cultural, environmentalhave, by the very process of interaction, generated the need for even more changes.

The modern revolution involved numerous interacting developments.