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Her attempt to shut down an underground tunnel almost leads to her death during the season four cliffhanger.Nancy takes a break from dealing in season five while building a relationship with Esteban, eventually giving birth to his only son.

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She excitedly jumps on the opportunity to traffic pot across the Mexican border for Guillermo at the beginning of season four, but is uncomfortable with other transporting jobs, like smuggling heroin and child-prostitutes.During the course of the season, Andy, Doug, Silas, and Shane travel to New York, interested in seeing Nancy.She eventually rises from the lower end of the economic scale, and is released from her halfway house, from which she continues to expand her drug business.Nancy was married four times and gave birth to three children.Her first son, Silas, was conceived out of wedlock with Lars Guinard.At the hospital, her family watched and speculated as to the identity of the shooter. At the beginning of the series, Nancy struggles to keep her drug dealing separate from her family life.

Finally, during the end of the episode, Tim Scottson, the shooter, enters Nancy's hospital room. However, Andy, Silas, and Shane find out about her dealing at different points in the series.

Judah Botwin, her first husband, believed Silas to be his son and raised him from birth. Peter Scottson, her second husband, was murdered by a rival drug cartel; she and Peter did not have children.

She married Esteban after giving birth to Stevie Ray, her third son; Esteban was murdered in prison.

While she is willing to risk life and limb for the love of her family, she also wants to protect them from the hazards of drugs and the drug trade.

She is particularly hesitant to allow Silas to enter the business until her crisis with U-turn forces her to allow Silas to deal.

They eventually come to an agreement to move in together in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.