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When I want immediate gratification via the internet in the form of clicks, likes, reach, and listens, I’ll do just about anything… On Face Book they call it “It’s Saturday Morning, Yo! Plus my co-host Chef Joe Scully is always saying the funniest shit ever, and has awesome insights on running a restaurant / catering service. Swear words are a legitimate part of human expression and have been since the fucking birth of language.For my part, I mostly laugh at Joe, struggle to find Thanks to Chestnut, Corner Kitchen Catering, The Corner Kitchen, Blue Dream Curry House, Aloft Asheville Downtown, Za Pow Studios, WPVM 103.7 The Voice, and everyone else who has supported AVL Food Fans at any time in our 11 episode history! Anyone who is truly offended by the word “shit,” please get the fuck off of the internet right now.

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) I'm still mad at myself for lettin that shit go down (UHH) Somebody shoulda told me, I was fuckin wit a clown (aight? " (uhh) I let it slide, laughed and joked let it ride (true) Now that you done killed it, I'm glad that it died (AIGHT?The title (along with that of her EP, ) makes reference to her past as a heroin addict, a topic that she doesn’t shy away from in her music, preferring honesty over veiled metaphor.As a trans woman, the same is true for her gender identity, but it’s clear that none of it is done for the clicks.“I never set out to write about drugs or transness or addiction or love or whatever,” she says.“Just as I didn’t choose or plan on being an addict or trans or in love.“I guess I kinda fit into a lot of places but at the same time don’t fit into any,” confesses Spike Fuck, the Melbourne-based singer who recently caught the eye of Rick Owens.

Last month, Owens urged his followers to check out her latest video with a post on his Instagram – in the clip, which the You Tube description declares was made with a broken i Phone and i Movie 2011, Spike Fuck postures for the camera and drives through a superimposed digital landscape, her hair a bleached mullet, as she sings the lyrics to her track “Tomorrow We Get Healthy”.

I won’t go there with the first music I made but I remember I was around 14 or 15 and I played at literally the worst pub in Melbourne to a room of maybe ten to 15 people.

I didn’t then play a show in Melbourne for another decade after that… I only started performing as Spike Fuck about a year ago, around the same time I came out as trans.

It gave me room to explore and find out about myself as a person, woman, performer, whatever, you know.

It helped for my old friends and family to understand because they could see I was happier and more at ease, and so they started coming round to it. Spike Fuck: I remember being a kid and inheriting CDs and tapes from my oldest brother – he was a punk in the late 90s, so he started me on the right track. I also loved and I think Alanis (Morissette) is pretty damn punk-rock.

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