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Later on that night, he retrieves the last Millennium Puzzle piece and brings it back to Yugi's house, where Yugi completes it and challenges Ushio to the first Shadow Game of the series.

The Japanese names in Western order (given name before family name) and English manga names are listed first and the English anime names are listed second, when applicable.Several defining character moments for him was when he defeats antagonists without Dark Yugi's help in games under bleak circumstances, proving that he is truly worthy of being the Millennium Puzzle's wielder.The second personality inhabiting Yugi's body, a 5,000-year-old gambling spirit of an ancient Pharaoh who resides in the Millennium Puzzle., one of the seven Millennium Items and an ancient Egyptian artifact holding the spirit of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.He fears the other personality inside him at first; however, as the narrative progresses, he grows a strong bond with his other self and considers his other soul a close and valuable friend. series features an extensive cast of characters created by Kazuki Takahashi.

The series takes place in a fictional city in Japan called Domino City, in which most of the characters that appear in the series originate.

The group is finally able to defeat Zorc and his avatar, Dark Bakura, once and for all in the memory world (which reenacted the Pharaoh's past) and help Atem pass over into the afterlife. Jonouchi is loyal, heroic, good-natured, brave, funny, friendly, kind-hearted, and loving.

When Ushio beats up Jonouchi and Honda, Yugi stands up for them, and it's then that Jonouchi realizes that he was jealous of Yugi's "treasure" all along.

Though unskilled at first, with Yugi's help, he trains for the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City tournaments for his sister; progressively getting better throughout the series to the point where he could be called a match for Dark Yugi.

Jonouchi is shown to have a very kind heart, selfless and caring, considerate, and eager willingness to help and save those he deeply cares for and loves, but he also demonstrates a near lack of modesty and can be rather rash at times, making him a source of comic relief.

Along with Jonouchi, he was saved from the bully Ushio by Yugi, though he still dislikes Yugi at first.