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So I thought it would be cool before I dove into the next book to spend 31 days helping the guys who need it most: the guys getting out of rough relationships, the 25-year-olds who've never had sex or a girlfriend, the people who are just petrified at the thought of talking to a woman.The event is going to take place from July 1 to July 31, and the challenge is for them to get a date in that time following the instructions and assignments I give them. Ad80b Kt— Meteorologene (@Meteorologene) 9. Some of us are just uncomfortable sharing that side of themselves with strangers because they're worried that they'll be judged.It's amazing to most of us that even some celebrities that you've talked briefly about have trouble attracting women into relationships.We know that being friends with 'naturals' increases our social skills, helps us meet more women within their social circle, and improves our ability to attract naturally.What steps do you recommend for befriending naturals that we come into contact with?I think the community should be like college for guys: you stay in it for a few years, then move into the real world with the tools to succeed.

I think it only gets counter-productive only when people spend more time gossiping or trying to impress each other than actually improving themselves.

There's one chief rule for improving: hang out with someone who's better than you. I think guys wring their hands too much over “choosing” a method.

Just try everything (most of it's free online) and do what works for you.

Immediately get started with SOMETHING, rather than standing at the deadly precipice of indecision.

You can only learn from it, and it will eventually lead you to what's right for you.

Traveling is also a key to become a deeper, richer person.