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Michael fassbender dating

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"You become a lot more successful in terms of, like, talking to a girl," he mused in the same interview. “Yeah, we met on that job and have been seeing each other since,” Fassbender told GMA when asked about his lady love. So I was really impressed by her immediately.” The couple started dating in 2014 while shooting the film, in which they play a married couple who discover a newborn baby in a rowboat shortly after losing their own child. And they looked like a picture-perfect couple while posing on the red carpet at the premiere of The Light Between Oceans at the 2016 Venice Film Festival in Italy on Thursday.

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The movie is based on the 2012 book of the same name by M. “‘Summer camp’ is something I’ve used to explain filmmaking to friends and family,” Vikander recently told Entertainment Weekly of filming with her boyfriend. That’s a very specific, unusual thing to this business — and it can be a very powerful thing,” Fassbender added.Fassbender, 38, and Vikander, 26, first met on the set of their film, , and continued spending time together in late 2014, fueling dating speculation.They were last photographed together in May at the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco, where they looked affectionate and happy as they enjoyed the races.We’ve gleaned some notable take-aways from it, and have fashioned them into a rule-book, which can be used to woo him! “I remember I was sitting at this table at this thing, and I was talking to this girl.I was like, ‘God, I am so boring right now.’ But she was like, ‘That’s so interesting! Five years ago, Nowadays, everyone with a pulse throws themselves at Fassbender, and laughs at his stories about the most mundane things. Tell him you don’t care that the teller was acting suspicious. He was passed over for a role in He can be a little touchy. If you must know background on his dating life, just ask: “What do you look for in a woman? Don’t get discouraged that he dated Zoe Kravitz (who Fassbender met while filming X-Men, and dated). From our spot by the bar, he points to a separate track, a cluster of tiny four-wheel karts and their winding course, marked off by big piles of tires. Fassbender finds go-karts relaxing—”If I have free time, this would probably be the thing that I like to do most,” he tells me earnestly—even though he knows it’s a bit funny, a grown man with a passion for a child’s game. OK, that might not actually be the most appropriate. Or, if he doesn’t want to follow you to a go-kart track, show that you’d be open to such a challenge were the mood to strike him. You must be ready to drop anything in order to go go-karting with Michael Fassbender. He peppers his speech with “bro.” He has a squeaky laugh.Fassbender, 39, looked dapper in a two-piece black suit while Vikander, 28, looked stunning in a navy floral print dress.

Fassbender later managed to pull himself away from Vikander to mingle with fans who had queued up in the hope of catching a glimpse of the actor.

"I think the longest relationship that I’ve been in was two years…

I started doing this when I was 17, so I guess in my dating, adult life, that kind of covers it." He noted, however, that women seem more attracted to him since he joined Hollywood's A-list with roles in films like , and more.

Michael Fassbender and girlfriend Alicia Vikander looked seriously loved up at the premiere of their new film, The Light Between Oceans.

The real life thespian couple – who met on the set of the Derek Cianfrance directed film – arrived together for the red carpet event at the Curzon, Mayfair on Wednesday night.

When they bring her back to the mainland during his shore leave, they find out that a local woman, played by Rachel Weisz, has been looking for her missing husband and baby daughter. In October, Fassbender and other members of the cast and crew celebrated Vikander's 26th birthday at a hotel in the Marlborough region, local outlet nz reported.