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Microsofr sharepoint workspace not updating

When Windows 8.1 was released, Microsoft introduced an innovation for consumer One Drive.A feature called Smart Files was added to Windows, so that cloud files could appear in Windows Explorer without actually being downloaded, but are made available on demand.

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Integration with Windows Explorer replaced the old user interface, and it became the One Drive for Business client for Office 365, Microsoft’s fast-growing suite of cloudy productivity applications.Oddly, Share Point Work Space did not integrate with Windows Explorer, but had its own Explorer-like user interface.It was also infuriating, with limitations on the number of documents and libraries that could be synced, and dependency on another utility called the Office Upload Center, which was prone to sulking and reporting upload errors that are hard to troubleshoot.Users of Share Point online just have to click the Sync button in the browser view of their personal or team site, and One Drive for Business springs into life, syncing online folders with offline copies.The One Drive for Business client is still called though, suggesting that much of the old Groove remains.Brian dives into topics such as VDI, SBC, how IGEL fits into their offerings, security and much more.

About Coretek Services Coretek Services is an industry-leading […]Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Douglas Brown explain the value of the IGEL platform for Citrix, Microsoft, VMware EUC. WIth IGEL OS: Save Money: Convert an existing x86 devices with IGEL OS (UDC) Work from any x86, 64-bit device using the IGEL OS on the UD Pocket No need to buy […]Listen to “Kaspersky Lab / Citrix Ready Discuss Desktop Virtualization (VDI) Security, Ransomware, Wanna Cry – Podcast Episode 283” on Spreaker.

Trust in the confidentiality of customer data, and trust in our ability to safeguard the integrity and availability of mission-critical […]In episode 292, Douglas Brown interviews Brian Barnes, Director of Solutions Architecture of Coretek Services.

Brian and Douglas discuss Coretek’s views on the changing landscape of virtual desktop deployments.

One Drive for Business, with its reassuring professional name, should be better but is not.

Users set it up, everything goes well for a bit, and then messages appear about documents failing to sync.

There is also an option to sync specific files or folders for offline use.