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To date, little is known about predictors of HPV vaccination preference by an older group of women.

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Institute: Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research, Dept. Patients suffer from mid-adult onset strokes, migraine and dementia. In my project, we aim to develop genetic treatment strategies for CADASIL (e.g.This amazingly robust result can be expected when the vaccine is administrated to children, adolescents, and young women (ages 9 to 26 years) who are not yet sexually active.However, mid-adult women (≥27 years old) have expressed a keen interest in also receiving the HPV vaccine.Although many women in this age group are no longer considered sexually naïve, there may be good rationale for vaccinating these more mature and informed women.It is very unlikely that most mid-adult women have been previously exposed to all 4 HPV types from which the vaccine affords protection.Certain questions included in these surveys allowed for assessment of demographic, knowledge, and behavioral variables as potential correlates of HPV vaccine acceptance among mid-adult women.

The pre-intervention survey included demographic data, sexual history, Papanicolaou test and sexually transmitted infection history, lifestyle practices, knowledge about vaccines, cervical cancer, and attitudes about HPV vaccines.

The postintervention survey assessed subjects’ attitudes, knowledge, and acceptance of the HPV vaccines.

Each survey included multiple choice, true/false, open-ended, rank preference by order, and multiple response questions.

Other inclusion criteria were an ability to read and write in English.

The Medical College of Georgia Human Assurance Committee approved this study (HAC file #06-04-276).

Univariable and multivariable logistic regression models were used to identify correlates for vaccine acceptance.