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To mark the film’s opening weekend, Marling, Pitt, Cahill and VFX supervisor Michael Glen sat down with The Creators Project for a behind-the-scenes look at their new ambitious project.READ MORE: Michael Pitt on ‘I Origins,” Love at First Sight and Why Acting is Silly In the film, Pitt plays molecular biologist Dr.

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The film explores the age old debate regarding science vs. In the behind-the-scenes clip, the cast and crew reflect on the movie’s highly technological and research based approach to moviemaking and cinematic storytelling.Astrid Bergès-Frisbey takes the third lead, and it is her eye (whose two-tone colouring indicates a condition called sectoral heterochromia) which appears on the film's poster.Here the Telegraph's chief film critic Robbie Collin talks to the 35-year-old director about his fascination with the eye, the changing nature of science fiction, and why every young filmmaker should teach themselves visual effects.“At first, it was completely terrifying, just to put a blindfold on and will yourself to not take it off and to just be in the dark for six hours,” she says, “figuring out how to get to a place and developing the humility to constantly ask people you can’t even see for help, and you have no idea what their facial reaction is.”All of these elements came together to create a complicated narrative that is uniquely suited to the medium of a streaming service: For the story she tells, a film would be too short — and traditional TV programming, where viewers have to wait an entire week between episodes, wouldn’t help the show’s momentum.“Many of the main characters you don’t meet until four hours in, and lots of things were really against the design of how most ‘television’ works,” Ms. “We wanted to construct something that was more like a delicious mystery novel.” That flexibility allowed Marling and Batmanglij to write a show in which experimental narrative was important not just to the frame of the show — but to its content, too.For much of the film, the dramatic and sci-fi storylines twist without intertwining; when they finally do come together, it’s in a truly unexpected way.

Marling, whose performance as Rhoda is stunning, took some time last week to talk to came about? BRIT MARLING: The two of us together were batting around this idea and other ideas, initially about doing a feature that was made up of three science-fiction shorts, but all played with the same actress.

Throughout her career to date — particularly in the projects she’s done with Batmanglij and Mike Cahill, all three of whom are old friends from Georgetown — Marling, 33, has gravitated to a certain type of role: enigmatic, preternaturally wise women who seem not quite of this plane of existence.

“When I meet people like that, I’m always so taken with them,” Marling says.

And they would all be really divergent characters, but they all had these sci-fi epic premises.

And then the more we focused on this one, the more we thought, “Oh no, there’s a whole world just in this idea of the two earths, and everyone here being there, and what does that mean, and how can you find a micro-human drama to tell within this epic sort of conceit?

” Then we became obsessed with that and the other two pieces fell away: this is the story, how do we best tell it?