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The reason that dating sites scam people is not because they really want to rip you off but it's because there are simply not enough real legitimate horny women looking to hook up with men.

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Browsing through the female profiles on the site it's very easy for seasoned veterans to spot the fake profiles at the drop of a hat.On top of that they also admit to using digital introductions (fake emails).Employees and they use these methods to enhance your "online relationship" which basically means they trick you into upgrading to a paid membership.If you take a look at that evidence we provided below circled in red.The paragraph specifically states that you will be signed up for a 2 day membership to for one day for $1.00.With this review we ended up creating a free basic account on the site in order for us to do a legitimate analysis of their services.

What we found however was something completely different with the site asking for a credit card to verify that we were 18 years of age.

At one point this company that owns Adult enabled people to purchase legitimate memberships on their strings of dating sites.

However since our reviews of those previous site such as Fuck Booknet and XXXConnect they now have adopted a "free dating" model.

Please click on this link to view the terms and conditions in full directly on the other side.

Please go to section 14 under the "Online Emissary" feature and you will find all the evidence we have just detailed right there for you to read.

Most members have absolutely no clue when they first register on the site that the site is filled to the brim with completely phony dating profiles.