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Most intimidating police uniforms

most intimidating police uniforms-76

But uniforms are also a source of oppression and intimidation- and the Nigerian society thrives on fear.Perks of the job This makes you wonder how many people are in the uniformed services more for the perks of the uniform than for the call to service. If you wear a uniform in Nigeria; the police will not pull you over and ask for particulars and tyre receipts or certificates, instead they will salute you and shout, ‘Oga, carry go.’If you wear a uniform in Nigeria, you don’t have to queue to buy fuel, or in the banking hall: automatic service is given to you while the ‘ordinary’ others watch.

Civil role of the army To make things more ridiculous, the Nigerian Army has operations in thirty two out of the thirty six states that make up the country.We suggest you just look long and hard at this gallery and observe from a safe distance…To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.Many incidences have taken place where soldiers would beat the hell out of motorists just because they refused to clear the road.On my way to Jos once, passing through Abuja, the soldiers there were punishing some truck drivers by ordering them to lie on the hot ground and face the sun. Why are you repulsed by them before you even interact?

One time when I was going through a separation, my ex called the cops on me.

Many times I travel and meet soldiers on the road; either under Operation Safe Haven in Plateau State or another operation in Benue State; and I begin to question the function of the police.

Once soldiers appear anywhere, the bloody civilian knows his place.

Probably the most detested security force in the country is the Nigerian Police.

They are considered a shameless set of people, who have a reputation for taking “unofficial settlements” as low as twenty naira.

Anyways, the police officers showed up, looked at both of us, then turned to me and asked: “Are you OK, m’am? Of course, he proceeded to rant about fucking cops and how they are not doing their job.