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My boyfriend is dating me and another girl

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Charlie, a junior at Loyola University Chicago, says he once fell for one of his girl friends while he was dating someone else.“If a guy is talking to another girl more than his girlfriend, there’s got to be something there,” he says.

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But when friendly crosses the line into flirty, there may be a problem. Sharing a few texts here and there and talking about random homework assignments or inside jokes is to be expected between friends. You can see how they connect, how they go “way back”… While there should be a certain level of trust present in every relationship, a super secretive boyfriend could be hiding something. Here are some ways to tell if your guy’s female friend might actually be a little something more to him.Sign #2: He Puts Extra Effort Into his Appearance Before Hanging out With Her That could be a warning sign.But Lindstrom has a different take on the situation.

“If they are truly just friends, he wouldn’t mind going to see her unshaven with his hat on backwards,” he says.

The only girl your man should be trying to impress is you.

Of course, he, like many others, may just be trying to look decent before stepping out into the outside world.

And when those friends happen to include girls, it can earn you major cool points in your boyfriend’s mind.

Ryan, a sophomore at the University of Missouri––Kansas City, agrees.

When I'm in a relationship I don't change my status or post pictures on there.