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My dirty online chat

At this point, I don’t want to fuel the fire or ever engage again, but I’m stumped—because she seems excited to have a dead horse to beat.A: Good Lord, this woman is grimly determined to be personally victimized by the color blue.

I don’t want to be pushy, but I’m starting to wonder if it means he doesn’t see us lasting—or if it’s something to do with their mother.She lets her cats on the kitchen counter, puts their food and water up there, and never cleans up the hair or crumbs.If we were moving in together, I wouldn’t have a problem telling her what I need to feel comfortable and clean.I feel like I have nowhere to feel comfortable when I’m there. You don’t have to wait until you move in together to bring this up, if you feel uncomfortable in her house right now, then it’s an issue.You say you love this woman, so kindly and honestly bring this issue to her attention.I appreciated them letting me know and hopefully wearing the world’s largest sweater had mitigated it. We’re going to see them again at a BBQ in about a month (it’s at our house, otherwise I’d skip it).

I’m wondering how to handle this situation, especially since I just got a call from a mutual friend saying that she called her sobbing about how this had really cast a pall over her day.

Part of loving someone involves knowing when and how to bring constructive criticism to their attention, and this situation definitely qualifies. Meet the kids: My partner and I (mid-30s) have been together for just under a year and he’s wonderful.

I feel secure in our relationship with one exception.

Let all future rants about dress codes pass by you as th’idle wind, which you respect not. Girlfriend’s pets: How do I talk to my girlfriend about her cleanliness habits specifically having to do with her pets?

She’s normally tidy and clean in all other respects but has a huge blind spot when it comes to her pets.

But that’s far off, so I’m unsure if I can tell her how to keep her own house.