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My neighbor is intimidating me

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Instead, it would make sense that you do document any smoking or smoke odor by taking photos or videos with your phone or by getting friendly wittnesses and also you can file a formal complaint with your local health code inspector, especially if your building is designated as smoke-free environment. I appreciate your observations Relative to the stipulations in the excerpt from administration,(a) I did not question any other resident (and the alleged smoker(s) on Saturday night was/were different from the one referred to earlier,(b) in (c) in making an "I" statement I don't feel I harassed.

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NOTE: The law sometimes does not provide the answer we hoped it would.So I don't know if I'm "in for" a termination of the lease.I'm in senior housing that received federal rental assistance based on income.Hi, I'll start at the end first, and then fill in briefly.When I was exposed to definitions of harassment years ago, I learned that a 2-step process was necessasry BEFORE a behavior was considered harassment.There was a fee to the attorney of his but no invoice or anything, I am not sure what are next steps.

It was written that the issues have to be fixed by certain date and that I am responsible for fees to the lawyer but no court or anything like that.

Hi, I have my neighbor threatening me when he came to complain about the noise during the day which was not excessive. It was written that it has to be fixed by July 27th but no other instruction. Truth is that the neighbor doesn't like my singing during the day and h made up false claim that I am causing nuisance during night by moving furniture, banging etc, which is not truth.

Normally I would not care but the neighbor had filled the notice of default because of nuisance which had never been actioned by police It is just that he is annoyed by my singing practice during day(for an hours or so)(I am an singer)HI, no I have received the notice of default based on nuisance.

It is best to do this with the aid of a legal professional though in order to best preserve your rights.

My landlord is intimidating me, claiming that I've harassed a neighbor by simply asking them to stop smoking.

I talked to a neighbor several times about her smoking, she reported it to my apartment administration, and the administration said I was harassing her, and threatened eviction. (Plus, in a newsletter from the administration to all tenants that is more recent than their intimidation, they had an article that made suggestions for problem-solving with neighbors, namely to FIRST talk to the neighbor.) Does this help explain? Did the landlord / management start an eviction process or served you with any type of eviction notice?