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My soul mate is dating someone else

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In four of the five possibilities above, she is not your Twin Soul, but is still triggering a crucial awakening for you. Your marriage may have been the perfect relationship for each of you at that level of your spiritual development, but one or both of you may have outgrown that stage.

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The first question for you to ponder is whether this woman is truly your destiny (Soul Twin) or whether her appearance is serving some other soul purpose in your life.If your desire to evolve has become a propelling life-force, staying may end up harming this woman you love who has been your good partner and the mother of your children.The Giver becomes the Receiver is one of life’s most fundamental truths and its purest embodiment is in relationships.(In fact, you are ultimately your own Soul Twin, but that's beyond the scope of this article.For more on Soul Twins, read "Soul Mates and Soul Twins - What's the Difference? Often when people meet and experience an instant chemistry, they mistake it for that Twin Soul connection, but chemistry and homecoming are two distinct feelings.Will you be able to take care of your financial and emotional responsibilities to your family?

They will be counting on the loving commitments you already made to them.

There is no easy answer for this question, and you are to be commended for feeling through this situation consciously and doing your best to be considerate of everyone’s feelings. There’s a myth about soulmates that they are always romantic partners.

That’s the only kind of soulmate most of us know about, but the truth is romantic partners are only one variety.

Your first priority is to decide what you want to do with your current marriage before acting on this new soulmate opportunity.

As a conscientious person, you can expect some agony through this process.

What most of us think of as a soulmate is more accurately called our Twin Soul.