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Non commercial cam chat

Your Web browser may also give you some warnings about downloading and running the installer, but you can safely ignore these.If you don't have it already, you may also be required to install Microsoft's . You will, of course, also need Skype (the free version is fine).

And of course, Multi Cam is also useful when both ends of the conversation have multiple cameras.Note that you might need to scroll through the drop-down list, and the scrolling controls aren't always obvious until you try to start scrolling.If all else fails, press the up/down arrows to get to "Virtual Cam." Once you've successfully selected Virtual Cam, you'll see a pattern of random colors in the video window. It turns out that for obscure technical reasons, it's not possible to switch directly between a real physical camera and the artificial Multi Cam camera, which is why we have to temporarily select this random-color virtual camera before and after using Multi Cam.Test Multi Cam: This is a good time to test out the Multi Cam functionality: find the Multi Cam application window, and click "Switch local camera" a few times.The video should cycle through each camera in turn, including an additional mode that combines all cameras into a single view.(Just click on the link to install it; you will probably also need to disable automatic updates within Skype, via Tools|Options|Advanced|Automatic updates.

And an update from August 2014: Multi Cam user Kev Lawrence tells me that version is now working with Multi Cam. What other software has features similar to Multi Cam's? Does Multi Cam work with other video chat programs?

However, the Multi Cam software is increasingly likely to be incompatible with newer software, such as Windows 8 and recent versions of Skype.

It may be possible to continue using Multi Cam on Windows 7 with older versions of Skype, such as version

It's most effective when both parties are running the Multi Cam software, but Multi Cam can still be useful even when it's running at only one end of the conversation.

Obviously, at least one of the parties should be using multiple cameras—otherwise, there's nothing for Multi Cam to do. For example, Multi Cam is definitely useful when one end of the conversation isn't even using video, provided the other end has multiple cameras.

Launch a Skype video call, and start enjoying Multi Cam: Once you've started a video call, take a look at the Multi Cam application window.