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Nothing to pay adult chat uk

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Live Lines UK Jobs is basically the recruiting arm of Live Lines UK.Although we all work in the same office and share the same Oxygen!

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This does depend on the amount of minutes you do with each caller.It’s nothing to worry about but every operator has to complete this training session. Working from home is a fun, flexible and easy way to earn money and we have the calls to give you so that you can earn money from home.Our tightknit team of supervisors working in our offices and at home all have experience in taking calls so we know exactly what it is like.If your question is not answered here then please do telephone us on 01604 824290 and we will endeavour to answer your question.Unfortunately not as the cost to send a call to a mobile is much higher than sending a call to a landline.We can offer tips, advice and above all we have the experience to guide you so that you can make the most out of each call sent to you.

Applying is super easy and all of your information is kept 100% confidential.

Just click on the APPLY link and you are half way to starting a new career, working from home!

Around 25 years ago the Manager of Live Lines UK decided to start her own adult chat company and it was a huge success.

She soon learnt that reliable, talented and enthusiastic operators were the way forward for a successful service.

Fast forward 25 years and that ethos is still going strong.

It normally takes around 1-2 weeks to really get the hang of the calls.