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Now we know why bieber is dating her

Maybe they just both really like this “joiful” breakfast place and ran into each other there unexpectedly?

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Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when we’re talking about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez,that’s approximately seven years of roller-coaster emotions.After more than a year of puppy love, the two reportedly split for the first time as a result of their jam-packed schedules.Fans (and the internet) also begin to wonder whether there’s a relationship brewing between JB and Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin.Palvin took to Twitter, confirming that there was nothing going on between her and Bieber.The singer took to the stage to perform her single, “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” Here’s the kicker: she confirmed the song was about Bieber. Talks that Bieber is dating model Hailey Baldwin are at a high.Gomez’s family is reportedly not thrilled about her reconnecting with her famous ex, either. (The Weeknd also reportedly being upset with his friend Drake for pursuing his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid—are you still following this?

we really need a visual flow chart at this point—also adds further confusion to the love triangle, or rhombus.)Maybe Gomez and Bieber are collaborating on new music?

I want people to start seeing me and feel like they can connect with me.

I've made myself so unrelatable the past year with all the stuff that I was doing.

And this comes after they met up weekend, too (does it add insult to injury, for The Weeknd, that they keep hanging out on . Others say Bieber reached out to his ex after canceling his tour.

Whatever the reasons, whatever the cause, the breakfast summit is sure to have repercussions.

All this summer, Justin Bieber has made a point to show us the Justin Bieber we think we know is not who he is now. Your girl or your dude, they're always going to disappoint you.