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Ntp not updating system time

ntp service probably won't have meaningful value for you on this system, so remove that first. Also, If I understand this correctly, the service runs and maintains the sync of the local clock to the server's clock - so the drift is bound.If you remove ntp and run ntpdate once, won't it be affected by clock drifting when the machine is on for extended periods? I don't currently have the system to check this command, but if you follow the discussion in the question and the accepted answer, you'll see that the problem was actually network unavailability at the time of running the clock update command.

ntp not updating system time-40

The first sample after that, no matter what the offset, steps the clock to the indicated time.Vyatta and Edge Max routers rely on an accurate system time for features such as logging, SSL Certificates and SSL VPN Clients/Servers (e.g. If the time is inaccurate, the system may not work as expected.You can set the date and time using NTP as a time source, or manually. Here’s how to do it: To follow any of these instructions, you must be in the Command Line Interface (CLI).tlsdate sets the local clock by securely connecting with TLS to remote servers and extracting the remote time out of the secure handshake.Unlike ntpdate, tlsdate uses TCP, for instance connecting to a remote HTTPS or TLS enabled service, and provides some protection against adversaries that try to feed you malicious time information.For longer term, you should simply configure the NTP daemon to be running always.

This answer should go to the top, because it is correct: ntpdate is deprecated and installing it is a bad idea, because it conflicts with ntp.

In these situations it may be necessary to set the date and time manually.

Here are the commands to manually set the time on your Vyatta or Ubiquiti Edge Max hardware: I'm Anthony Eden, and I'm a broadcast technician / software developer / technology solutions engineer.

This means you can have a somewhat correct clock in case there are network issues when you boot up.

@Sahuagin I don't know what to tell you other than you have a nonstandard ntp package.

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