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Nude wechat

Abortions are so common in China that they’re accepted as a fact of life by most women.But recently, a graduate from Communication University of China in Beijing, who identified herself as Shuchan on social media, has sparked a wide-spread discussion in China about the practice.

For her graduation project, the advertising design student, interviewed 19 Chinese women who had abortions, and took compelling, black-and-white nude pictures of them, in an attempt to demonstrate how abortions “have affected these females both spiritually and physically,” as she wrote on Wechat (link in Chinese, nudity) China’s popular messaging app.Most of the women she interviews had abortions to end pregnancies outside of marriage, or when the embryo was thought to have a birth defect.When contacted by Quartz, Shuchan declined to be interviewed because she said the project wasn’t finished yet.Violators will be banned from accessing We Chat after four incidents.This latest campaign is part of China's initiative to clean up the Internet and strengthen its Great Firewall, at least for its people.Forced abortions, as part of the government’s one-child policy, have long been used to contain the country’s population since the 1980’s.

It is more common to see an ad for “painless abortions” than for condoms in China.

The ruling banned scenes of one-night stands, extramarital affairs, partner-swapping and excessive physical contact.

It also ruled out scenes of sexual abuse, flirtation, rape, incest, necrophilia, prostitution, sexual perversion and masturbation.

Female activists say Shuchan’s work will only make women think they are killers if they choose to get abortions.

Xiao Meili, a female activist who also graduated from Shuchan’s university, told Southern Weekly (link in Chinese) that she thinks “an embryo is not a life” and those abortion stories shouldn’t be told “in a way of feeling sorry for a child’s life.” It’s killing people.

People can use the service to do video calls, share and view photos, create and share private albums and send messages.