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There’s a famous fable about the scorpion who asks the frog for a ride across the river, promising that he won’t sting because then they would both drown.And then, halfway into the trip, the scorpion does it anyway, because he’s a scorpion and that’s what he does.

In particular, the storyline in 1995 was tremendous because Sting knows full well how much of a liar that supposedly reformed Flair is, but he desperately wants him not to be, to the point where he even points out several times to Flair that Flair is obviously going to turn on him…but then he teams up with him anyway!At May 8, 2012, Kenny substituted Taz as Color Commentator at TNA Xplosion, joining Jeremy Borash.On June 19, 2017, Kenney left Impact Wrestling alongside Shane Helms and Al Snow.Kenney was paired with Swinger in May 2000 during an ECW World Tag Team Championship tournament and the two later formed a tag team which would endure for five more years. After being briefly renamed The Empire Saint, Kenney was not booked by TNA for several months, during which time he spent three weeks competing in Japan with the Zero-1 promotion.The impending bankruptcy of ECW in 2001 forced Diamond to seek employment elsewhere, and he began negotiations with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) employee John Laurinaitis, which fell through when WCW was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation in March 2001. Kenney returned to TNA on June 19, 2005 at Slammiversary as the heel Simon Diamond once more.Diamond worked for various independent promotions, including USA Professional Wrestling, Border City Wrestling and World Wrestling All-Stars. Kenney returned to television on the July 15, 2010, edition of Impact!

In Major League Wrestling, he formed The Extreme Horsemen with his two former allies Steve Corino and C. , aligning himself with fellow ECW alumni Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Stevie Richards, Rhino, Brother Devon, Al Snow and Mick Foley in their invasion of TNA.

Patrick Kenney (born March 26, 1968) is an American retired professional wrestler and baseball player, better known by his ring name, Simon Diamond.

He most recently worked for professional wrestling promotion Impact Wrestling as a producer.

In May 1998, Kenney was hired by Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and wrestled his first match against Nova in York, Pennsylvania.

In August 1998, he changed his name to "Simon Diamond", taking the name "Simon" from the real surname of his mentor, Dean Malenko. Enlisting the services of manager Glenn Gilbertti, the duo won the NWA World Tag Team Championships on August 27, 2003, and held the titles until November 19, when the titles were held up following a controversial ending to a match with the 3 Live Kru.

So after WCW started doing all the TV tapings at Disney Studios in Orlando, things got a tad complicated for them.