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Occupational therapist dating patient

You took great care of (our daughter) as if she were your own and we are forever thankful.

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This team is so far beyond what most of us expect to receive in healthcare services!!I think it is so appropriate and so lovely, that he returned there yesterday (for Bike Fest) to achieve yet another important milestone of his childhood.Thank you for your patience and your hard work and thank you for creating such a wonderful place that changes the lives of so many children. So you know, we went straight to the bike store when we left and got (him) new tires. "We also did OT with Anne Fells at Pediatric Potentials in Livingston (for my middle son who has sensory issues).Occupational therapists will utilize their skills in healthcare facilities, community programs, and other institutions, working with those affected by an illness, injury, or other medical or psychological issue.They perform assessments and evaluations to discern what type of treatment is needed for each patient, and craft a plan in order to meet those goals and help their patients become independent once again (or even for the first time).(Our son) started at Pediatric Potentials when he was so little.

When he first walked through those doors all those years ago, there was so much he could not do.

They act as coaches of life, assessing the current path of an individual’s career and personal life and suggesting tweaks as needed for their patient’s well being.

To excel in this career, occupational therapists require a variety of intellectual and mental skills, including a working knowledge of counseling, psychology, education, medicine, biology, and sociology; exceptional communication skills; the innate desire to help others; and a degree of social perceptiveness and sensitivity to help them further understand their patients.

Many occupational therapists require a higher-level education degree (often a Master’s) in order to practice, due to the breadth of knowledge required and the training needed to create an exceptional occupational therapist.

In addition, occupational therapists need to be able to use many different kinds of tools and technologies, depending on the precise type of therapy they are providing.

They are truly experts in providing structure, support, and amazing treatment to children with special needs.