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'Hmmm, you dirty little boy.' she thought as she looked to see Jimmy glued to the television screen and wanking his cock furiously.

She climbed up on the bed and straddled Jimmy's head.'Well I won't say anything to your mother but you have to promise to let me deal with your punishment.' 'Yes, yes anything Miss.' 'Right then young man, I want you at my house at eleven tomorrow morning.Tell your mother you're meeting friends or something but don't be late.' Jimmy knew his mother would be doing the housework on Saturday morning and would relish having him out of the house so he readily agreed.The last one was a disaster when he took her back to his house and mauled her on his couch before pulling her tiny panties to one side and slipping his cock into her tight wet pussy.Judith was horny and so looking forward to being ravished that when after fifteen seconds the guy grunted and came inside her she just lay there, dazed, annoyed and frustrated.Jimmy was eighteen years old and waited patiently watching the television and willing his mother to hurry up and get ready so she could leave the house and go on her date.

It was Friday night and Jimmy had finally broken up from school that day before going to university after the summer holidays.

Julia then slowly unzipped her leather skirt and peeled it over her hips.

Jimmy marvelled at the black satin girdle holding up the sheer black seamed stockings.

'Thank you dear, wish me luck.' At that she kissed him quickly on the cheek and left.

'God, I hope this date is better than the last one.' she thought to herself as she got into her car.

He had borrowed a DVD from a friend that he really wanted to watch. She'd been scared of his eight inch long thick cock.