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Online dating weed hemp marajuana

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The lack of research presents a kind of catch-22: Without much scientific study of marijuana, the government has been unwilling to recategorize the drug.But the categorization as a Schedule 1 drug makes testing it on humans extremely difficult.

A recent study, for instance, found that epileptic seizures were significantly reduced in just a third of children studied.When you’re driving across the country with a stash of marijuana in your trunk, you follow the speed limit. You might even pick a route that skips Colorado, because ever since recreational pot was legalized there, police just over state lines have been on the lookout for anyone ferrying the drug from the area.But the Colorado-free route from California, where you bought your marijuana, to the Northeast, where you live, presents a curveball.Cruising along I-40 in Arizona, you encounter a border patrol checkpoint. A German shepherd approaches your vehicle and somehow doesn’t detect the marijuana that’s under a pile of ice in a cooler.As you’re sent on your way, adrenaline pulses through your body. You are, after all, committing at least several state and federal crimes, but when you get home a few days later, it’s business as usual.Multiple times a day, she’s “like a robot whose plug has been pulled,” says her father. children have intractable epilepsy—a treatment-resistant category of the disease characterized by uncontrolled seizures—and for some of their parents, medical marijuana has gained a reputation as a wonder drug.

None of the drugs she’s been prescribed have helped and although she can walk, the girl, now 3, does not speak. The girl was having up to 200 seizures per day when her parents heard anecdotal reports that marijuana could reduce or even stop seizures. Fueled by success stories on Facebook and family blogs, these parents are acquiring marijuana through quasi-legal and illegal means, giving their children a derivative oil low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes psychoactive effects, but high in cannabidiol (CBD), one of the hundreds of other compounds found in the plant.

He arrived at his current profession after personal experience convinced him marijuana could better curb seizures than anything in mainstream medicine.

Mirzabegian’s daughter Emily had her first seizure when she was five months old.

Experts are also concerned that in a largely unregulated business, contaminants like pesticide residues and molds could lead to adulterated versions of an otherwise potentially low-risk drug.

“All of a sudden you have these parent groups, which traditionally you’d think would be in opposition to any kind of liberalization of marijuana policies, and they have become the biggest advocates in favor of access,” says Amanda Reiman, manager of the marijuana law and policy unit for the Drug Policy Alliance.

It is far more common than autism, multiple sclerosis or a host of other neurological disorders.