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I spent 10 days in Ukraine, and learned some of the things you wrote about for myself, the hard way!

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After about four months of writing to Russian women, I was becoming a bit frustrated.Yes, you do need to plant wheat first to be able to make bread - but it is by far not enough.What I give you in my book is a COMPLETE STRATEGY and STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE through the process of searching for a wonderful Russian woman.For someone that has never been there or does not know the culture, I promise that this book will save them a lot of difficulties and hardships. Honest, truthful, respectful, loving, devoted to family and husband, most importantly, she will be the Cat's Meow and the love you will get will far exceed the few dollars you invested in the book.The book will indeed save you a lot of hardships and keep you on tract. It was entertaining and provided me with some good tips.It nice to know she is well qualified to write up the technology. Soon after I arrived to the west, I started my own online business - not knowing anything about Internet.

It was written in a concise and easy to understand format. Today my site is one of the most popular places for the information about Russia and Russian women and I own a successful Internet dating agency with hundreds marriages on its records.

Now, with your book, I will be successful in my quest, and I will not cause any unintended discomfort to the wonderful women I will come in contact with.

Your book has provided me with the practical techniques and basic understanding of the Russian psyche that I need to make it work. Read and realize that this lady you are about to meet is different from any woman you have ever met.

This book (How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me) is so great, in my opinion! The hardest part is all the incredible women I have to say "no" to!!! We're very happy.:-) (I must mention here that the term "Russian women" is widely accepted to include women from all countries of the former USSR, and not only the Russian Federation.

First of all, Russian culture is so different I find it fascinating. Therefore, this guide will be just as operational in the search for a Ukrainian, Belarussian, or Kazakh wife.) will be able to give you this kind of advice as a Russian bride who married a foreigner, went through the process herself, and then have had many years of experience of running a dating agency.

Second, your knowledge worked for me as well as you claim.:-) In a week's time I am so buried in beautiful women, and I know I can pick as I choose. This allows me to combine my own experience with experiences of many other couples that met and fell in love via Internet. Some dating agencies are not really interested in marriages: the longer the man is searching, the more money he will spend with them.