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Whilst both Yegna and the Spice Girls were deliberately manufactured, comparisons between the Ethiopian girl group and their British predecessors are simplistic. It's a cold and wet afternoon in Addis Ababa and the girls from Yegna (pronounced yen-ya) – Ethiopia's first and only manufactured pop band – straggle in late for their interview.

Online mobile sex chat with ethiopian girl-38

Luckily we are good friends," explains Teref Kassahun Tsegaye (Melat)."We love each other. We talk about our problems and try to find solutions in our group."Many people are listening to the drama," says Zebiba Girma, who plays Emuye – her character's struggle against domestic violence formed the main story arc of the first series."I've received calls from old friends and a teacher saying that they heard me on the radio," she continues, adding that everyone at the shoe factory where her uncle works listens to the programme each week.Yegna's first video, Abet, is one of the top ten most watched Ethiopian pop promos of all times.We all have different qualities, we come from different backgrounds and we learn from each other," Rahel concurs.In their friendships both on and off air Yenga set a fine example for girls across Ethiopia to follow.Now I ask why is this happening and how can we resolve it?

Yegna has made me realise that I should see things differently," says Rahel Getu (Lemlem).

The purity of their voices and the accuracy of their harmonies clearly show that they have talent.

But what is much more striking is that they perform as one – their choice of song, Andinetachin ('togetherness'), is truly apt."The job requires you to support each other.

"Our objective to is change the perception of the people towards abuse and what we have learned will stay with us, even if the project is not here," insists Lemlem Haile Michael, who plays Mimi."It's not the fact that I'm on TV. It's a great thing to be part of," Eyerusalem adds.

Before the interview concludes the girls sing a cappella of one of the tracks from the show.

It has been viewed online more than 500,000 times and has become a staple on the ETV, the main Ethiopian broadcaster.