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NOTE: Netherlands Direct Mail has been combined into the Priority Direct Mail. If you can't find the numbers ane letters printed on belt: a) Measure the length of the belts loop.*Expedited shipping can not be used for PO Box addresses In addition, the transit time depends on where you're located and where your package comes from. You will be advised by the FBI as to the releasability of this information following our consultation with the other agency(ies). CABLEGRAM FEB z *mi An J Cablegram to Legat ttexlco City Re; Albert Henry De Salvo FIFTY-FIVE POUNDS, HAZEL EYES , DARK BROWN HAIR, MEDIUM COMPLEX IO: LARGS HOOK KOSK 9 CIRCULAR SCAR LEFT SHOULDER, FBI NUMBER SIGHT ONE FOUR SIX THREE KINK B; FINGERPRINT CLASSIFICATION TWENTY-ONE UP, O OYER L, TWENTY-SIGHT OVER THIRTY-TWO, W OVER , W, IOM OVER on. Vj V - 2 - PLAINTEXT 2/25/67 TELETYPE URGENT A TO SACS RICHMOND CHARLOTTE f 0 \ FROM DIRECTOR TBI ALBERT h Td E SALVO, UFAC - RAPE RE CHARLOTTE TEL FEBRUAR^TWENTYFIVE INSTANT, UNLAWFUL FLIGHT PROCESS ISSUED RE DE SALVO. 17 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum 'Air* _ l;,,::.: DATE: Z/ZD/O/ FROM W. Characteristics : £ 'feezed silly when he approached ACTION: car; could have been drinking. Do not include the names of Special Agents in either the letterhead memo- randum or in signed statements.Page(s) withheld for the following reason mq DUPLICATION FEE * x'^forthis^page"" X XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX FBI/DOJ 10-20-65 ALBERT HENRY DE SALVO FPC Eufile 163-12664 M- i.-l . For information which may be identical to subject, refer to your letter dated 3-28-61, captioned " CRIM CRS, re Model's Agent "Tapes ter," and Buairtel to Boston dated 9-23-65, captioned " Unsub, aka The Strangler, Information Concerning." FO-36 -^ i -_ Foreign Liaison WAIL P. RICHMOND CONDUCT APPROPRIATE INVESTIGATION PER RETEL. 4 drg \7MENT Of JUSTICE COMMUNICATION SECTION ^ V) FEB 2 5 1967 . The letterhead memorandum should receive a protective security classification if warranted but should not receive a group classification.THE BOS TON STRANGLE R FILE NUMBER : 163-126 64 PART : 1 OF 1 FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION THE BEST COPY OBTAINABLE IS INCLUDED IN THE REPRODUCTION OF THESE DOCUMENTS. C, they observed a man whom they felt looked very similar in appearance to the photograph of De Salvo appearing in Washington newspapers now. - • - 7 - - - «- REBSTEL 2/24 LAST TITLE CHANGED TO REFLECT FULL NAME OF SUBJECT AND DELETE 1 ■ NAMES OF SUBJECTS HARRISON AND ERICKSON WHO WERE SURRENDERED r APPROXIMATELY PM 2/24 LAST AT M. AS DE SALVO IS ADMITTED PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERER CONSIDER DANGEROUS VI TH SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Commissioner, Boston, charging subject with violation of T. Troy has brought motions for a new trial of De Salvo in Middlesex Superior Court .

PAGES INCLUDED THAT ARE BLURRED, LIGHT, OR OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO READ ARE THE RESULT OF THE CONDITION OF THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FREEDOM OF INFORMATION/PRIVACY ACTS SECTION COVER SHEET SUBJECT: ALBERT DE SALVO, a.k.a. I 2- I 3-56 J "I WO FBI Date: 9-30-65 Transmit the following in AIRTEL (Type in plain text or code) Via (Pj Uffty or Method of Hailing) TO: j^ROM: DIRECTOR, FBI SUBJECT LEG AT, BONN f*63-1508) (P) ALBERT HENRY DE SALVO FPC A LEAD BOSTON: Secure details of crimes of which subject is accused in Massachusetts, with particular reference to the modus operandi ^^O^&Tlrt J Also obtain ^photograph and fingerprints Approved 0 ^£s^£. 1-25-fp) Federal Bureau of Investigation Records Bran j , 19. , 2/25/67, "w IT^^^rave ling with two companions in his car on New York Avenue near Bladensburg Rd. This unknown individual was driving a 1955 White Ford 4-door sedan with Maryland license, number unknown. In view of the above, there will be no attempt to interview subject. 4-17-85) 3 J xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION F0IPA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET Page(s) withheld entirely at this location in the file. □ Documents originated with another Government agency(ies).

^ 0 TELETYPE ^ J0±UV C\ U t* FEB 27 OMIONil IOHm MO. Do not include the property state- ment in the letterhead memorandum unless special reasons exist and any such reasons should be explained in the cover letter.

T/ DIRECTOR, BALTIMORE, RICHMOND, CHARLOTTE, PHOENIX, EL PASOj Teh. C • OBSERVED PHOTO OF SUBJECT AND STORY OF ESCAPE AND BELIEVES ABOVE INDIVIDUAL IDENTICAL WITH SUBJECT. Shoe repairman, Chelsea, Massachusetts, 1947 - 1948. 9-17-6:) ) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION REPORTING OFFICE BOSTON OFFICE OF ORIGIN BOSTON DATE 3/10/67 INVESTIGATIVE PERIOD 2/24/67 " 2/27/67 TITLE OF CASE r ALBERT K. DE SALVO OFficc: Boston, Massachusetts Bureau File it Character: ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS UNCLASSIFIED . In early morning hours, subject ana two other inma t e s escaped f r om I : C I s Br i d g c- w a t e r 5 I *a s e . AIRMAIL (Priority) —I I L TO: FROM: SUBJECT: DIRECTOR, FBI (163-12664) ■f'SL BOSTON (163-461) (RUC) J '^ALBERT KENRY DE SALVO FPC (00 - BUREAU) Enclosed herewith is the original and five copies of a letterhead memorandum dated 3/4/69 at Boston, Massachusetts, concerning the above-captioned individual.

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