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Opsview odw not updating

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It is possible to format the date/time value based on the time zone of the Opsview server by using the URL parameter, “format_datetime=1”.

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This is more secure than sending a password on every request because, after the initial login, all authentication is handled via a token.If you set a URL parameter of “always Return200=1”, then the status will always be 200 and there will always be REST data, which will be added into the keyword, “rest”: Note: The content returned may be in a different format than the one requested.For instance, invalid data structures (400 bad request) could return content-type text.The token has an expiry time of 1 hour on it but every successful request will extend the expiry time.You need to log in to Opsview to receive the authentication token.Note: The importing is based on the name of objects, so if an object already exists with the same name, then it will be updated with the data.

The REST API is separated into different sections: api_version and api_min_version are floating point numbers.

Currently tested for: You should always set a Content-Type header and the Accept header should be set to the same value.

Alternatively, for GET requests only, it is possible to force a content type using a URL parameter, for example: “content-type=application/json”.

The easyxdm_version information is used for interfacing to Easy XDM's cross domain communication. version=VERSION to initiate the Easy XDM interface.

URL: opsview_name is based on the top level in the host group hierarchy.

opsview_edition is a string, which could be either community, enterprise or commercial.