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Hickenlooper, though, said he wanted other stakeholders to weigh in first on what should be done to regulate how close new housing could be built to existing wells before taking a position. and the Colorado Municipal League are having ongoing discussions on that hotly debated issue.

Instead, he wants to enhance the 811 call program to ensure homeowners can use their phones to access pipeline information for site-specific areas.Al Walker, the president of Anadarko Petroleum Corp., the top gas producer in the state and the owner of the pipeline linked to the deadly Firestone explosion, on Tuesday issued a statement welcoming Hickenlooper’s approach.“We will continue working with the governor, state regulators and legislators in the coming weeks and months to effectively implement the measures that have been identified to date,” he said. “These measures mean that Colorado communities and families may at least see some relief from the impacts of oil and gas drilling,” Pete Maysmith, executive director of Conservation Colorado, said in a statement. We hope that our leaders do much more in the near future to ensure that communities are safe and our health and environment are protected from the dangers of oil and gas development.” Currently, the state has only three people tasked with ensuring the integrity and safety of miles of pipelines in Colorado connected to about 53,000 active wells and associated with an additional 36,500 inactive wells.He said the industry fund also could pay for in-home methane monitors for concerned homeowners.He also said the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission would conduct a review on what other states do on oil and gas rules — especially for pipelines — to determine what is being done elsewhere.The policies were formed after the state had oil and gas operators throughout Colorado inspect thousands of wells and miles of associated pipelines after the April 17 blast that killed Mark Martinez and Joey Irwin.

On Tuesday, he backed away from comments he made in May calling for a record of flowlines to be made available to the public.

Also, the state will create a work group to look at ways to improve safety training of oil and gas operators.

He said the state will also encourage the industry to explore technology, such as that used by BP America Production Co., that makes it easier to detect methane leaks.

“There is some level of security risk,” Hickenlooper said Tuesday in reference to making public a statewide map of the pipelines.

“I recognize that and think that’s a valid argument.” Hickenlooper’s proposals drew a rebuke from state Sen.

John Harpole, the founder and president of Mercator Energy, which helps sell and source natural gas supplies, suggested the Democratic governor may turn his back on the oil and gas industry that he courted for years as he considers a potential presidential bid in 2020.