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Overcoming obsessions with dating

When you think your condition makes you unworthy of love, or when you feel ashamed of who you are, this can be a self-defeating attitude.

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I haven’t told him how I feel but it makes me unhappy and then I take it out on him.Perhaps revealing, if you feel able, any past history that may also cause you problems in the relationship.Just as you are entitled to your history of friendships and experiences, he is also entitled to his past.Eventually you have to bite the bullet and talk about your OCD.This can put a lot of pressure on you, and make you feel a bit like you’re in the spotlight in an interrogation room.This can create a point of tension which, unfortunately, can bring about increased OCD behavior. There's nothing wrong with having OCD, but sometimes it can make you feel vulnerable.

People with OCD often worry that they’re going to be judged and rejected before they get a chance to relax and be themselves.

If you have been diagnosed with OCD, before you even start thinking about getting out there to date, think about how you manage your symptoms.

If you are not getting help, consider getting help—therapy, medication or even a support group can help you make marked improvements before you even start going on dates with strangers.

The first challenge many OCD people face on a first or second date with a new possible love interest is trying to hide the quirks and compulsions.

The problem is in trying to hide them, you think about them a lot more—which may spark the compulsions. Instead of trying to hide your quirks, how about you just try to focus on other things for the evening—like your date, and the fun you’re having together.

Having OCD-- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-- can be difficult, but manageable.