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She is now an administrative worker at and travels with her husband David Mikkelson, its co-founder He said he was considering setting up a fact-checking website in India, and wanted to get a sense of the culture.

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Professor Manning said: 'If we're negating physical facts, then there's no buffer required or desired.'If your house is on fire, you just want to know that and get out.'Or if you have cancer, you'd just like to know that.Instead of opening with the break-up, scientists suggest that a simple 'we need to talk' is enough to soften the blow, without adding too much of a buffer.Scroll down for video People value directness over an extended and overly polite lead in.That has not ended the difficulty however; court documents show that a decision on David's salary for 2016 became bogged down in legal argument when Barbara refered it to an arbiter, and the appointment of the arbiter became itself a matter of dispute. On top of that the divorce settlement stipulated a $20,000-per-month draw on profits, with he and Barbara later upped to $30,000 - a package that would be the equivalent of $500,000 a year.In court papers his lawyers said: 'Prior to separation, Barbara wrote off every trip David took that involved visiting historical landmarks, sites, monuments; or museums; or any other site of pop culture significance (including baseball games), as a business expense.Now a Daily investigation reveals that's founders, former husband and wife David and Barbara Mikkelson, are embroiled in a lengthy and bitter legal dispute in the wake of their divorce.

They are accusing each other of financial impropriety, with Barbara claiming her ex-husband is guilty of 'embezzlement' and suggesting he is attempting a 'boondoggle' to change tax arrangements, while David claims she took millions from their joint accounts and bought property in Las Vegas.

You don't want the doctor to talk around it.'In the study, 145 participants received a range of bad-news scenarios, and were given two potential deliveries for each.

In his new book, The All-or-Nothing Marriage, Dr Eli Finkel says in order to have a happy relationship we need to ask less from this person and think of ways in which our friendships could give us more.

They also ranked which of those characteristics they valued most.

Results showed that for the most part, participants valued clarity and directness over other characteristics.

Professor Alan Manning, who led the study, said: 'An immediate 'I'm breaking up with you' might be too direct.'When it comes to receiving negative information about physical facts, such as 'that water is toxic', most people want it straight up, without a lead-in.