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The justification was that if US and British Special Ops could be operating there doing that, then how could the US Coalition object to the Russians helping Syria do it. But today we hear not only that Russian Special Ops are being deployed, but an armored unit and a mountain brigade.

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For example, there have been previous reports that Russian Special Forces would be deployed to assist the Syrian forces clearing the SE Syria area of ISIS.The sources further added that the Russian battalion is duty bound to fortify the Syrian Army positons in the region and seal the country’s border overlooking Jordan where the Syrian forces have recently gained the upper hand.A military source confirmed on Sunday that a group of Russian paratroopers and special forces arrived in the Southern province of Sweida, after the US-led coalition fighter jets targeted heavily a military convoy of the Syrian pro-government forces near the town of al-Tanf at the border with Iraq.They wait for the US coalition to escalate, and then respond to the escalation.Moscow would have a strong hand in that case if the US wanted to bring up a “Russian aggression” claim before the US Security Council.We have more of a hair trigger situation now in nipping a threat in the bud early, and accepting the risk of a major escalation as the lesser of two evils … Dean ] Russian armored units have entered regions along the Syria-Jordan border to fortify the Syrian Army’s border posts and positions and seal the borderline, Arab media outlets said.

The sources said that a Russian Mountain Operation Brigade battalion has arrived in the Southern provinces of Dara’a and Sweida.

“There is the only border crossing there, through which one can get to Baghdad now, taking into consideration that the Rutbah-Ramadi road has been cleared of terrorists of the ISIL,” the expert said.

“The goal of the US is evident – to prevent the restoration of transport links between Syria and Iraq and also Iran, which is the ally of Damascus,” he stressed.

The Popular Militia Forces in Iraq are well armed and highly trained now in fighting militant forces.

Everybody understands the need to not let the foreign backed terrorists get safe haven bases or secure logistics lines established that will allow them to repeat the tremendous damage they have done.

It has a new ally that has a devastated economy and is now a black hole for those who can afford to manipulate it for their own gain. The aircraft was identified as an upgraded version of the A-50U equipped with the Vega Shmel-M radar, capable of detect the launch of a missile or a fighter jet in the range of 650km. The A-50U can conduct command and control air operations, guide friendly fighters and track multiple enemy fighters at the same time.