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(It also has more affordable separate season sets for non-collectors.) Burt Ward later confirmed the release date for the set as the 11th of November 2014 just in time to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary. Nothing is sexier than someone who is smart with a good head on there shoulders that will sway my mind into extasy with intelect and desire.

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The episodes were two-parters; a cliffhanger punctuated the end of the first episode and the narrator iconically told the audience to "tune in tomorrow — same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!" The series switched to airing once a week in the final season., an original theatrical feature film based on the series, was released in 1966. " The series is sometimes blamed for causing the Batman comic line to adopt a "campier" tone as well, but in truth the main difference between this series and the "New Look" Batman comics that immediately preceded it was that the TV show was intentionally funny.Among other things, the movie's larger budget provided the Dynamic Duo with some additional vehicles that stuck around for the remainder of the TV series (by recycling footage from the film): the Bat-Boat, the Bat-Copter, and the Bat-Cycle. Many enjoy it for its sheer farce and surrealism — or for its nostalgia value — but at the same time, many modern Batman fans consider this Batman to be the opposite of the Batman they know and love. The series did play a key role in the continued existence of the entire Bat franchise, however; comics sales had been in a serious decline, but the series provided a great deal of publicity, which led to a much-needed sales boost in Batman comics.The messages we wrote were an online mirror of our friendship that crystallised into a startlingly real world.As if to signal this, we gained new group chat nicknames: the final part of our baptism into the online world.With its intentionally absurd writing (particularly Batman's array of gadgets, which seemed large enough to cater for any given situation — the legendary Shark-Repellent Batspray comes to mind) and shonky production values, this was more like a televised pantomime/vaudeville/burlesque than anything resembling portrayals of superheroes in modern day media.

The series managed to become something of a cultural icon, but it is also partly responsible for the general public's dim view of comic book writing and comics in general today, as even at the time comic book writing was taken far more seriously.

Our relationship wasn’t a far-flung romance spaced out between phone calls and notes on the back of postcards.

It was a constant hum, vibrantly woven into life’s fabric and near impossible to separate out.

What does friendship have in common with porn, journalism, and terrible opinions? Keeping in touch when not physically together has gone from the letter-writing of Austen and co, to the phone calls of Sweet Valley High BFFs, to our generation’s ongoing thread of online messages. But now, there’s a new brand of camaraderie on the rise: group chat™.

But the stories of our friendships are now more than ever played out through the filter of a computer screen.

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