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Philips gogear always updating

The music didn’t sound tinny and the Go Gear actually does a good job pumping tunes.Additional Features: Additionally, the Go Gear Vibe comes with a built-in FM radio.

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The Go Gear Vibe has your typical menu features where you can control the sound quality via equalizer settings, and of course see titles of the songs that are currently playing.The Philips Songbird multimedia software, which is used for transferring and organizing files on the Go Gear, is used to update the firmware.Songbird detects the current firmware on the device, checks for updates and then downloads and installs the updates on the media player.However for this price point, I guess you can’t complain too much since it is a MP3/Video player after all.Overall, the Go Gear Vibe is a very portable device, fitting into the palm of my hand, it is great for running or using at the gym.Pullman holds a Master of Arts degree in Writing from Rowan University.

Philips launched the Go Gear Vibe not too long ago and although it’s not meant to be a direct i Pod competitor by any means, it does do the job of being an affordable MP3 player and a serious alternative to the Shuffle.

Its body is small with curved edges so the ease of portability is there, but unfortunately the quality of the operational buttons are a bit stiff.

You can also hear a bit of clicking noise when you press on the buttons.

Setup: As soon as I plugged in the device it automatically was picked up in Windows Media player.

This was great since I do use Windows Media Player already.

I used it every morning for 1 hour in the gym and it lasted 7 days without having to recharge.