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Pink book dating

I later learned that thestyle was a shirtwaist, yellow, with a hem hitting me a few inchesabove the knee. It was difficult because it buttonedbackwards, but I finally got it right.

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My hair was styled and I was sent to get dressed again.Tracy and I will transform you into such a convincing vision offemininity that no one will ever guess you was once a boy. My hair had been subjected todizzying number of processes and then wound up in enormous rollerscovered by a giant pink cap. Returning, I saw that Tracy had made my bed and laid out abewildering array of lacy apparel, a yellow dress and a pair of girlspumps.My hands had been coated with skin softener and placed in white cottongloves for the night. Considering the strange sensations I was experiencing, it was amazinghow quickly I fell asleep. She handed me a pair of pale blue panties and let me modestly slip themon under my nightie before I took the nightie off. She padded out my bra withcotton balls and taught me how to put on a blue slip by sliding it overmy head.Although most of the procedures were uncomfortable, I still got theimpression that I was pampered.While I sat under the hair dryer, Tracy handed me fashion magazines to read.My mother hid me at one of her childhood friend's houses in Texas.

Thejudge put Mom in jail until she revealed my whereabouts while my fatherhired a Private Investigator to find me.

I called the woman I stayed with "Aunt" Helen although she wasn'treally a relation.

She, too, was divorced with a daughter named Tracy.

After eating, I started to learn how to do 'girl' chores.

My auntslipped an apron over my head and tied an enormous bow in back. " Consistent with most of my other actionin the last two days, I simply nodded dumbly."Well, Heather, we're about ready for your public debut.

I washanded a pair of rubber gloves and told to do the breakfast dishes. My friend Debbie runs a beauty parlour and she's agreed to give you the works.