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And in fact, he could turn the last piece of the puzzle.

In that article I also explain how to work with q Dslr Dashboard and the Auto-Holy-Grail feature and how to post process the sequences in LRTimelapse. I had no aperture control implemented until now, because adjusting the aperture always introduced the danger that the notorious aperture flicker occurs.This triggers the camera and the camera triggers the motion controller.For this, I’d not need any additional hardware, not even an extra cable hanging around.One day, when playing around with my D750, I noticed that when triggered in Live View mode she does not close the aperture between. Especially since I quickly found out that this is also the case for D800, D810, D4 and D4s – i.e.for all “major” Nikons that a lot of time-lapse photographers use.When using the Auto-Holy-Grail function of q Dslr Dashboard on Android or i OS smartphone or tablet, a real 3 -way control (exposure time, ISO, aperture) can be realized without any aperture flicker occurring.

We use the fact that in Live View, these cameras do not open and close the aperture after each shot.

Here I made a time lapse of the diaphragm of a camera that takes a time lapse.

But see for yourself: Until now the only other solution that I knew for flicker-free changing of the aperture while recording a time lapse, requires a lens with manual aperture ring or appropriate adapter and a motor that controls it.

When working with the camera on a tripod that is not a problem, in that case you can use the internal interval timer of q Dslr Dashboard.

However, if you use a slider, you would usually want the controller to trigger the camera to get a proper synchronization between camera movement and shutter release.

The effort to establish a solution like this is significant, especially as it also requires a software-based synchronization – in other words, a software must be able to control the motor for the aperture as well and synchronize everything.