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"I'm worried about the advance of that and whether now we're going to see a return back to the heavy persecution that Christians and other minorities suffered previously."While persecution remained, stronger laws helped get justice for minorities under his government, Chowdhry added."But it is still essential that we remove corruption from the political sphere in Pakistan."The Supreme Court dismissed Sharif under Article 62 of the Constitution after a domestic investigation into a leaked document from a Panama-based law firm indicated his children had offshore companies.

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Recently, the Pakistani government took steps to improve the quality of life for a community of poor Christians living in squalor as bonded laborers in a rural area of Jaranwala in Punjab.He's in favor of higher taxes for the wealthy, the legalization of marijuana, and increases in spending for social programs.Below are five interesting facts about the new Canadian Prime her split from the Congress Party organization in 1969; initially called the New Congress Party, the splinter group took the name Congress (I) Party in 1978.He held various ministerial positions in the Andhra Pradesh government from 1962 to 1973, including that of chief minister (head of government) from 1971.Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who sought to protect minorities by enacting legislation, had to resign after the Supreme Court disqualified him over charges of corruption.

His ouster, the Christian minority fears, could lead to a rise in persecution."Nawaz Sharif, with his party - the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), has actually brought in many laws and many changes to the life of the minorities living there," Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, told Premier in an interview.

BPCA told The Christian Post in March that the High Commission of Pakistan in London authorized the construction of 10 brick washroom facilities that will serve roughly 100 Christian families who live in mud homes and are too poor to afford their own toilets, plumbing and clean drinking water.

Prior to the existence of washroom facilities, which were completed in February, the impoverished people in the community were forced to use open fields as toilets and even get their drinking water from unsanitary sources, such as puddles.

Trudeau, who is the second-youngest prime minister of the country in its history, has vowed to make Canada more open to immigrants and refugees who are fleeing the Islamic State terror group.

He has also signaled to President Obama that Canada will end the Royal's Air Force's participation against bombing missions against IS.

A leader of the Liberal Party of Canada since 2013, Trudeau, 43, represents the Papineau district of Montreal, Quebec.