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Psychostats not updating

psychostats not updating-53

it might take us a couple days/weeks till we get completely settled into our new home here, so bear with us if some things dont appear to work right lol..For example, when i moved the psychostats over to this host.. I forgot to edit one line in a file and it totally messed up the stats so they will need to be re-calculated, which means i need to re-process the logs from 430 days..

psychostats not updating-12

Its not a 'real-time' log analyzer like other products like to flaunt.The latest CS 1.6 running on Steam is a requirement, not a suggestion. If you dont seem to know the reasons for why we have moved here.. Thankyou for stopping by and showing your support for us, we all appreciate it very much and just to let you all know..L 08/03/2008 - : [AMXX] Run time error 10 (plugin "uwc3ng.amxx") (native "query_client_cvar") - debug not enabled!L 08/03/2008 - : [AMXX] To enable debug mode, add "debug" after the plugin name in (without quotes).Second bug i found is: on respawn (vengeance, phoenix) doesnt seem to keep the grenades too, it looses them. Later later edit: The amx_givexp command seems to give xp to the level 43.

Third bug: The Scroll Of Respawning doesnt seem to always work. S: I could help with a romanian translation Later edit: From time to time it seems to remember one grenade from 3. No, the problem is us not wanting to deal with illegal programs. It is much easier for the support team (including the Metamod and AMXMod X support teams) if we stick with the legal versions.

(0 is flashbang effect, 1 is fading blue screen, default is 0)uwc3ng_entangle_drop "0" // Should the player's primary weapon be dropped when they are entangled?

(default is 0)uwc3ng_spec_position "0" // 0 is for left, 1 is for right (where to put the information for those spectating, default is 0)uwc3ng_minmodels "1" // Enable (1 default) or Disable (0) minmodels check.// Itemsuwc3ng_boots "0.10" // Percentage increase given by boots (.10 = 10%, default is 0.10)uwc3ng_claw "6" // Damage done by Claws of Attack (default is 6)uwc3ng_cloak "150" // Invisibility given with cloak, lower is more invisible (default is 150)uwc3ng_mask "0.3" // Percentage of life gained back by mask of death (default is 0.3)uwc3ng_frost "125" // Speed of victim when attacked with Orb of Frost (default is 125.0)uwc3ng_health "15" // Health bonus given for periapt of health (default is 15)uwc3ng_glove_timer "10" // Interval between receiving a new grenade with the Flaming Gloves of Warmth (default is 10)uwc3ng_tome "60" // XP given for purchasing tome of experience (default is 60)uwc3ng_sock "0.5" // Gravity level for Sock of the Feather (default is 0.5)// XP optionsuwc3ng_save_xp "1" // Enable (1) or Disable (0) Saved XP// XP modifiersuwc3ng_xp_for_level "5000" // Default XPs for every leveluwc3ng_min_players "2" // Minimum amount of players needed b4 awarding XP (default is 4)uwc3ng_xpmultiplier "1.0" // Multiple all xps with this valueuwc3ng_startlevel "0" // Defines the startlevel of each player if he connects to the server// Botsuwc3ng_ignore_bots "0" // 0 = ignore no bots, 1 = ignore botsuwc3ng_bot_startlevel "0" // Defines the startlevel of a bot if he connects to the server (default 0)uwc3ng_bot_buy_item "0.33" // A percentage chance to buy every spawn an item L 08/03/2008 - : Client CVAR querying is not enabled - check MM version!

If Valve doesn't support them, how can I support them? This means that internal data can be different, and that means I'd have to support every iteration of CS into the past.

The amount of CS internals CSDM relies on is heavy, and this would be a huge amount of work -- just so you can run Steam illegally!

uwc3ng_save_by "2" // 0 = Steam ID, 1 = IP, 2 = Name// MYSQL options.