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Pub quiz dating london

To ensure the night doesn't end too early, their compelling menu of condiment filled burgers will keep you well-fuelled and wanting more.

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Having dubbed themselves as the quiz masters of South London, this statement sure needs some investigating. Here at Design My Night gloating is encouraged, as is learning and drinking.The outrageous pub quiz master, Martin, at The Old Queen's Head will guide you through their crazy pub quiz; featuring rounds like dirty doodles, bubble blowing, kazookeoke & face painting, alongside some brain testing questions.There is a massive cash prize to be won, alongside numerous free drink giveaways.Coming at you every Sunday night in London, The Old Frizzle presents a classic pub with firm favourite rounds and a £50 prize to boot.An affordable boozer, where it costs only £2 per person to play, what exactly are you waiting for?But that’s not the only way to win: runners-up get a bottle of wine, there’s two on-the-spot prizes and, finally, the rolling jackpot.

All you have to do is choose the right envelope and you could win big.

The Mere Scribbler in South London prides itself as something of a jack-of-all-trades.

The venue caters for a wide range of different tastes, boasting a drinks menu of craft beers, international wines, local ales and classic cocktails.

Offering the usual charm and character that you'd expect to find in an old pub in London, the venue bursts into life each week, thanks to a thrilling quiz night.

Put your head to the test and see if you have what it takes to calm first place.

5 music-filled rounds, The Mysterious Wheel of Steel Round, a live DJ and a buzzing atmosphere - there's a reason the rowdy Sounds Familiar has got a reputation.