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Purra academy dating sim cheat

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Though the game's simplistic mechanics could use some work, our biggest gripe here are the illustrations.Sometimes, a dating sim is only as good as its visuals and Purra Academy Dating Sim's illustrations aren't even close to being eye candy.

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As Air, you are the only human in a land inhabited by animal spirits.Comic Draw is a full-featured digital comic creation and publishing application for i Pad.Designed with Apple’s i Pad Pro and Pencil in mind, Comic Draw provides a comprehensive suite of comic drawing tools, fast and easy script editing and lettering, and an integrated comic publishing platform in the form of the companion app, Comic Connect.We applaud the developer for releasing a free-to-play dating sim but perhaps a friend could lend a hand in the graphics department if a sequel is in the works.As for the game dialogue, we're really on the fence.Sleeping in the hotel will replenish your HP and start a new day.

Being a dating sim, the game ends when you finish a romance with one of Purra's inhabitants.

There's also no way to change Air's attitude if you wish to impress a guy.

So you've managed to get enough XP and you've gotten sick of getting the "WHAT DID YOU SAY? Well, you'll have to check the Gift list to find out your sweetheart's favorite cake.

Talking to a potential love interest consists of picking from a couple of replies.

If you manage to pick the one that makes him happy, you will earn some XP.

There's ever only a maximum of two types of replies and a single correct choice.