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Qsub ruserok failed validating

qsub ruserok failed validating-23

First, of course, one needs to install the necessary packages.This can be done easily, with the caveat that you get Torque v2.4.16, which at this point is at end of life.

qsub ruserok failed validating-70

That way, not only do I have a single place to look for notes, but it may also prove useful to others.Unfortunately the job's life cycle could be controlled externally by the batch system administrator (e.g.bkill, bstop, bresume etc) or by the batch system itself (e.g.This means that the CE was blacklisted by that WMS (in particular by the ICE component) because the connection to this CE from that WMS went in timeout (default value for timeout: 60 secs) for 3 times.The ICE blacklisting of a CREAM CE lasts for 30 minutes.In this period submissions to that CREAM CE by that WMS/ICE are not attempted and fail with this error message.

2011-10-10 .209Z - INFO [DFPMObligation Handler] - ACCOUNTMAP_OH: DN: CN=Valery Tschopp 9FEE5EE3, O=SWITCH, DC=slcs, DC=switch, DC=ch p FQAN: /dteam FQANs: [/dteam] mapped to POSIX account: Posix Account Inno DB: ERROR: the age of the last checkpoint is , Inno DB: which exceeds the log group capacity .

I prefer to use FQDN’s so that it’s easier later to add other compute nodes, job submission nodes, etc.

The following also sets up the server process to allow user ‘root’ to change configurations in the database.

So whenever CREAM receives a command for the specified job, it records the event on the related command history.

Such commands could be expressly required to CREAM by the user (i.e.

I have also added a few instructions for installation on a machine which has no official FQDN, since this was a common stumbling block for a lot of people.] Last week I found myself needing to do something I really hate: solving a problem I know I solved before.