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Rachel hendrix and jason burkey dating

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The unnamed university, for example, is only referred to as “the university,” by students, parents, and even a university official giving a speech.The unnamed hospital has a sign that says “Hospital.” But it isn’t really universal, is it?

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In a particularly disturbing scene, a witness recalls the graphic details of the abortion attempt.Her birth mother goes ashen, denies knowing what she’s talking about, and asks her to leave. Hannah decides to forgive them all as Christ forgives. She slips into her birth mother’s office and leaves her a note “I forgive you,” which sends fancy lawyer lady into a fit of beautifully flawed and redemptive tears of her own.Hannah forgives her adoptive parents for concealing the truth, the nurse, and herself.The filmmakers (brothers who wrote, directed, produced, shot, and edited the movie) bring a clear Christian point of view to the material; after a dizzying array of complications, everything is resolved through faith and a devotion to religious values.Despite has positive messages, though it promotes that message in an emotional way that may or may not be appropriate for all families.“I feel dead inside,” Hanna evidently wrote days or weeks earlier. Hannah and Jason set out for Alabama where Hannah was born.

As it turns out, Hannah’s father Jacob (John Schneider), also a doctor, found his adult daughter’s diary, read it, and then passed it along to his colleague to read.

“To be human is to be beautifully flawed,” he pronounces, and then exhorts her to “[j]udge the crime, not the criminal.” And, indeed, Hannah meets up with two more “beautifully flawed” women: the now-repentant abortion nurse (played masterfully by Jasmine Guy) and Hannah’s birth mother (Shari Rigby), now a fancypants lawyer in nice suits with a secretary, a sleek office, and a loving family.

Oddly, whereas Hannah had wept beautiful tears in the presence of so many male authority figures, now she is dry-eyed and hushed.

This, uh, discovery comes to light after Hannah collapses during a school performance. Rather predictably, Hannah flies into a rage at her parents for concealing this information from her, and embarks on a road trip to go find out the truth.

In the hospital, the doctor reads, in front of Hannah’s parents, a passage from Hannah’s journal. She is helped by her lifelong friend Jason (Jason Burkey), a standup guy who is inexplicably dating a one-dimensional and horrid woman named Alanna (Colleen Trusler).

It also promotes forgiveness, acceptance, honest communication, and learning to trust again after betrayal.